I'm missing activities. What should I do?

Your activities are not displayed even though they are well recorded on your sports application?

Here is everything you need to know about synchronizing your activities:

  • Did you just connect a sports application? Your next activities saved on it will be added automatically. In the interest of fairness, we do not retrieve your activity history.
  • Have you lost all your activities ? You have just created a second account. To recover your activities, please log out of this account and then log in using the same login mode used when you created your regular account.
  • In some cases, synchronizing your activities takes a little while: up to 24 hours under normal circumstances (and up to 48 hours if you have just connected or reconnected a sports application). Remember to regularly update your list of activities on your sports application and then on our platform by clicking on the dedicated button.
  • Some sports are not taken into account on our experiences. More information: Which sports are taken into account?
    With Garmin and Suunto, we don't take into account your daily steps at the
    moment. In the meantime, we invite you to record these activities on your watch using the on mode or another method.
    With Apple Watch, we are not currently considering activities other than walking and - since early March 2019 - running, cycling and swimming. In the meantime, we invite you to record these activities using another method.

You can consult all your activities by following this procedure:

On our app On our website
Select the More tab > Settings > Click on Connected apps : you can then click on the back arrow at the top left of your screen

👉 Some activities are indicated as invalid (in red).

The error message explains the reason for this rejection:

Your app is (or was) disconnected.
Please reconnect this sports app following the steps indicated here: My sports activities are no longer syncing. How do I reconnect my sports app?
Activity is prior to app connection.
We do not add your activity history. Your future activities recorded on it will be automatically added.
The activity has already been added with another app.
This activity was rejected because an identical activity was added with another sports app connected to your Sport Heroes account. For more information: I have activities that appear to be in conflict or duplicate. What can I do about it?
X activities are not valid.
Please choose a sport among those taken into account on our experiences. To find out more: Which sports are taken into account?
Activities added manually are invalid for this sport.
You cannot manually add the following sports:  walking,  running,  cycling and  skiing. Please record your next activities with one of the compatible applications. For more information: How do I add my sports activities?
You have already created an activity today.
You can manually add only one  swimming session and/or, on United Heroes, only one 🏋 other activity per day.
Duration of manual activities can't exceed 120 minutes.
Only activities of 2 hours or less are accepted.
App X transmitted an invalid distance.
We sync indoor activities only when we can make sure that the "distance" has been covered. To find out more: What sports are taken into account?
App X transmitted an invalid duration.
Please check that the recording works correctly on your future releases.

👉 Are some activities missing from this list ?

Please follow the instructions given here: How do I reconnect my sports app?

Your next activities will then be well added to our platform. ✨

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