I just connected an app but no sports activity appeared. What can I do ?

If you have just connected a new sports app, your future activities will be automatically synced within 48 hours. In the interest of fairness, we do not recover your activity history.

Remember to regularly update your list of activities on your sports application and then on our platform by clicking on the dedicated button. In some cases, their synchronization takes a little while: up to 24 hours under normal circumstances (and up to 48 hours if you have just connected or reconnected this sports application).

You can check if this sports app is well connected by clicking on the one in question on connect.sportheroes.group by clicking on +.

Is the "✅ Connected" mention displayed below the app in question?
👍 If so, everything seems to work.
👎 If not, we invite you to reconnect it by following these steps: My sports activities are no longer synchronized. How do I reconnect my sports application?

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