Which sports are taken into account?

The sports activities that you can sync on your account are:

  • walking,
  • running,
  •  cycling,
  • swimming,
  • skiing.
  • weightlifting__2_.png other activities (only on United Heroes).

On af.png Air France Running, we only synchronize  running.

On Icons.png Swimming Heroes, we only synchronize  swimming.

And my session on a treadmill, an indoor bike, etc.?

If your sports watch simulates the distance covered when you run or pedal on an indoor device, we accept this activity. On the other hand, if your sports app does not send us any meters/kilometres, we cannot verify that this session has been performed. Unfortunately, it will therefore be rejected.

And my multi-sports activities (triathlons, etc.)?

It is not currently possible to add multi-sport activities. However, you can record these activities one by one on your sports app. This way, we can sync them automatically.

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