How to connect a sports app?

To add your sports activities to our platform, you must connect at least one sports app. Here is the list of compatible app: Which sports apps are compatible?. If you are not using a sports app or your sports app is not compatible, we advise you here: Which sports apps are compatible? > "Don't have an app yet? ".

You can connect one or more compatible sports app by following this procedure at :

  1. Click on +.
  2. Select the desired sports app and click on Connect.
  3. Follow the steps below to identify yourself to this account and authorize access to certain information related to your activities.

Remember to regularly update your list of activities on your sports app and then on our platform by clicking on the dedicated button. In some cases, their synchronization takes a little while: up to 24 hours under normal circumstances (and up to 48 hours if you have just connected or reconnected this sports app).

For Google Fit and Runtastic, this connection is only possible from a browser - and not from the application.

You are on United Heroes?

👉 If you use an iPhone, you can connect the Health app that is installed by default on your phone. To do so, please allow access to this data on the United Heroes app in the Plus > Apple Health connect section.
👉 If you use an Android phone, please download Google Fit via the Google Play Store. You can then connect this application from your browser on > Connect my apps (accessible in the drop-down menu at the top right). You will then be redirected to Please follow the procedure indicated above.


If you play more than one sport, we recommend that you connect only one app per sport with your Sport Heroes account. This will prevent synchronization problems. 

Your next activities recorded on this sports app will be automatically synchronized. We do not retrieve your activity history.

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