Which app should I choose?

For United Heroes, please read this article: Which app should I choose based on my profile on United Heroes?

Here are the sports apps you can connect to sync your activities:

Compatible sports app Activities taken into account
app-icon_runtastic_ios_rgb.png Runtastic     
 Nike+ Run Club     
 Health Mate     
decathlon.png Decathlon Coach     
APP_GOOGLE_FIT__1_.png Google Fit on Android
We do not sync walking automatically detected by Garmin et Suunto watches for the moment. Our team is doing their best to make this possible. In the meantime, you can:
  • record each of these activities on your watch with a mode corresponding to walking;
  • use another method.


⌚ Your sports watch is not compatible?

If you have a sports watch other than Garmin, Suunto, TomTom, Polar, Health Mate or Fitbit, you can easily connect your watch with Strava and then connect Strava to your Sport Heroes account. The list of watches compatible with Strava is available here.


Don't have an app yet?

You can download one or more of the compatible apps listed above to your Android phone (on Google Play) or iOS (on the App Store) and then connect the app(s) to your Sport Heroes account. We recommend:

Strava Fitbit

For these activities:     
Strava is the sports social network for athletes wishing to register their runs and/or cycles. Strava connects to most GPS watches on the market so you can see your stats and compare with your friends. With this app, you must start the recording at the beginning of the session and then stop it once this activity is finished.

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