How do I add my sports activities?

To add your sports activities, you must connect one compatible sports app to your account following the steps indicated here: How to connect a sports app?

Your next activities recorded on this sports app will then automatically sync on your Dashboard. We do not recover activities done before the day you connect your sports app.

How to add my daily walks

To add your walks during the day, you must use and connect an app that automatically counts your steps (which we will convert into distances). We recommend Google Fit if you use an Android phone and Fitbit or Health Mate if you use an iPhone. If you use a TomTom, Polar, Health Mate or Fitbit watch or bracelet, your steps automatically detected with this accessory will be added to your activity list.

On United Heroes, you can track your steps directly on our application in the Plus > Settings > Track your steps (on Android) / Apple Health connect (on iOS) section.

How to add my running, cycling or skiing  

To add these activities, please use an application that records the time, the distance and eventually the elevation of your trip. Compatible brands at this time include Garmin, Suunto, TomTom, Polar, Health Mate and Fitbit. Otherwise, we recommend Strava.

Manual additions are not accepted for the following activities:  walking,  running,  cycling and  skiing. Please record your next releases in a classic way with one of the compatible applications.

How to add my swimming

To add your lengths in the pool, you must use and connect a water-resistant sports watch or wristband model that allows you to record the swim. A sports application that only uses your phone to record your activities is therefore not enough. Compatible brands at this time include APP_sante_.png Apple,  TomTom,  Polar,  Health Mate,  Fitbit,  Garmin and  Suunto. Please note that not all their models of watches or wristbands allow you to register the swim.

You don't use a water-resistant sports watch or wristband? Good news: you can manually add your sessions on our United Heroes or Swimming Heroes app.

How to add my other activities on United Heroes?
On our United Heroes app, you can add your other sessions (yoga, boxing, workout...) on your Dashboard by clicking on the➕ button.
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