Which sports are taken into account on United Heroes?

The sports activities that you can sync on your account are:

  • walking,
  • running,
  •  cycling,
  • skiing,
  • swimming,
  • weightlifting__2_.png other activities.

On United Heroes, we now take into account the distanceless activities that you can record on your sports app (boxing, yoga, weight training, rowing, etc.). Good news: you will soon be able to manually add your session to our platform.

And my activities practised on treadmills or indoor bicycles?

We sync sports played on devices only when we can be sure that the "distance" has been covered. If your app or watch uses only a GPS sensor, we consider the activity invalid because your location has not changed. This is the case with Strava and Runtastic, for example.

Your activities are valid when they are recorded with watches or apps like Fitbit, Health Mate, Google Fit with an Android phone or Health with an iPhone that use sensors on your phone (called "accelerometers" or "pedometers") that detect the movements or shocks produced by your body during this physical activity. In this case, the activities for which we can count steps are considered walking. We then deduce the approximate distance of your session based on the number of steps detected. 

And my multi-sports activities (triathlons, etc.)?

It is not currently possible to add multi-sport activities. However, you can record these activities one by one on your sports app. This way, we can sync them automatically.


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